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Building Inspector App

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Chapps is proud to roll out its latest addition to our inspection range, The Building Inspector App.
An App specifically created to accommodate property managers, be it commercial or residential real estate!

When making this App, we faced many challenges.
Such as; how to structure the inspections, how to support accurate monitoring of the building, all while still having a comfortable experience. 
The Building Inspector App is about controlling & monitoring the state of the building.
It serves a range of purposes such as; Annual meeting reporting, Maintenance checks, Compliance controls, Due Diligence reporting, Supporting facility management and more…

Discover the Chapps Building Inspector and change your ways!

Building Inspector App

A fully functional Inspection App that allows different types of inspections, issue notation and even meter readings.

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The Range of Solutions

Pick and choose which package fits your needs best!

Building Inspector Pro

  • Works offline
  • Online synchronization & back-up
  • Prefilled with practical checklists
  • Health, Safety & Security check-ups
  • Meter readings
  • Direct issue creation
  • Automatic PDF reports
  • Data export
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Building Inspector Premium

The Building Inspector Premium will include a number of extra features, making sure your building inspections run smoothly.
By doing so we ensure we supply you with a very powerful & professional tool.
Using our building inspector app will change your ways.
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The Manager

The Manager for the Building Inspector
All of our solutions come handy with an extensive Chapps Manager.
We understand that all the data you collect is of extreme importance, we give you the tools to be in charge of your portfolio.
  • Set-up users & rolls that fits your organizational structure
  • Plan & follow-up of inspections and inspectors
  • Reliability & probability controls based on GPS data
  • Quality & efficiency controls to maintain your standards
  • Handle issues or checkpoints  
  • Organize maintenance 
  • Prepare annual reports
  • API Access to integrate with your existing software

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Yes! All of our Apps work offline (even for previewing your reports). Simply synchronize when an internet connection is available.
The Building Inspector App makes a clear distinction between organized or explicit inspection assignments and a "full” inspection. This app can be used for a variety of purposes. This can range from; health, safety & security checks, conformity checks, issue registration inspections, detailed inspections and more.

Each of these inspections can be performed in as much details as you wish to go, you can opt for a full review of all maintenance needs, simply visit a building and register issues when needed.
You can also at any time register meter readings.
You do not always need a full report. We understand that. That's why we allow you to select the reports you need when you're finishing up the inspection. Currently we support the following reports;
  1. The Meter Reading inspections allow you to collect meter readings both communal as well as individual meters.
  2. The safety & security report this report is available in 3 different formats;
    • The full inspection report, retaining all elements to be checked,
    • The compact inspection report, which only show all the negative checkpoints,
    • And last but not least the issue report, a report which retains all the issues recorded during the inspection.
  3. At any moment, you can create a detailed issue report for issued registered during an inspection, or even if you would like to see all open issues, including issue details, the kind of issues and the action to be taken.

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